University of Notre Dame

University Seminars Spring 2017

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Africana Studies

Social Science USEM

AFST 13181 1 Black Politics After the Civil Rights Revolution
Instructor: Dianne Pinderhughes

American Studies

History USEM

AMST 13184 1 Sanctity and Society
Instructor: Kathleen Cummings


Social Science USEM

ANTH 13181 1 Human Impacts and the Environment: Past, Present, and Future
Instructor: Donna Glowacki

Art History

Fine Arts USEM

ARHI 13182 1 World Art at the Snite Museum
Instructor: Michael Schreffler

ARHI 13182 2 Notre Dame and Its Artifacts
Instructor: Hyde Minor


Literature USEM

CLAS 13186 1 Ancient Emotions
Instructor: Blake Leyerle

East Asian Languages and Literatures

Literature USEM

LLEA 13186 1 Man and Nature in Chinese Poetry
Instructor: Xiaoshan Yang

LLEA 13186 2 The “Other” in Modern Japanese Fiction
Instructor: Michael Brownstein


Social Science USEM

ECON 13181 1 Economics and Society
Instructor: Blake Leyerle


Literature USEM

ENGL 13186 1 Self and Society in American Poetry
Instructor: Stephen Fredman

ENGL 13186 2 The Death and Return of God? Radical Poetry
Instructor: Romana Huk

ENGL 13186 3 On the Road: The History of Quest Literature
Instructor: Greg Kucich

ENGL 13186 4 Master Writers from Latin America
Instructor: Orlando Menes

ENGL 13186 5 Black Diaspora Women Writers on Home
Instructor: Z’etoile Imma

ENGL 13186 6 Soundscapes of African-American Literature
Instructor: Jarvis McInnis

ENGL 13186 7 The Art of the Short Story in the U.S.
Instructor: Valerie Sayers

ENGL 13186 8 Reading Literature
Instructor: Fr. EdwardMalloy

ENGL 13186 9 Autobiography & Subjectivity
Instructor: Barbara Green

Film, Television, and Theatre

Fine Arts USEM

FTT 13182 1 The Teen (in) Film
Instructor: Pamela Wojcik

FTT 13182 2 History of Chicago Theater
Instructor: Marcus Stephens

FTT 13182 3 Screening War
Instructor: Matthew Payne


History USEM

HIST 13184 1 United States in the World
Instructor: Rebecca McKenna

HIST 13184 2 Vietnam War
Instructor: Steven Brady

HIST 13184 3 Abraham Lincoln’s America
Instructor: Daniel Graff

HIST 13184 4 100 Years of Solitude
Instructor: Karen Graubart

HIST 13184 6 Men, Women, and the American City
Instructor: Emily Remus

HIST 13184 7 China and the Global Economy in the 19th Century
Instructor: Elisabeth Koll

HIST 13184 9 European Microhistories: Rogues, Outcasts, Lovers, Adventurers
Alexander Martin

HIST 13184 10 Victims, Rebels, and Outcasts: Cultural and Political Dissent in Modern Russia
Instructor: Semion Lyandres

Irish Language and Literature

Literature USEM

IRLL 13186 1 Civility and Atrocity: Early Modern Irish Encounters, c1540-1640
Instructor: Sarah McKibben


Mathematics USEM

MATH 13187-01 Mathematics University Seminar
Instructor: Samuel Evans

Medieval Studies

Philosophy USEM

MI 13185 1 Philosophy of Augustine
Instructor: Stephen Gersh


Philosophy USEM

PHIL 13185 1 Introduction to Philosophy: Philosophy and Science
Instructor: Katherine Brading

PHIL 13185 2 What Is a Philosophical Problem?
Instructor: Lynn Joy

PHIL 13185 3 Philosophy University Seminar
Instructor: Patricia Blanchette

PHIL 13185 4 Philosophy University Seminar
Instructor: Therese Cory

PHIL 13185 5 Introduction to Philosophy
Instructor: Katharina Kraus

PHIL 13185 6 Philosophy University Seminar
Instructor: Leopold Stubenberg

PHIL 13185 7 Philosophy University Seminar
Instructor: Steve Watson

PHIL 13185 8 Philosophy University Seminar
Instructor: Sean Kelsey

Program of Liberal Studies

Literature USEM

PLS 13186 1 Classical Greece: Texts and Themes
Instructor: Christopher Chowrimootoo

PLS 13186 2 Ancient Greece: Texts & Themes
Instructor: G. Felicitas Munzel

PLS 13186 3 Ancient Greece: Texts & Themes
Instructor: G. Felicitas Munzel

Political Science

Social Science USEM

POLS 13181 1 Religion and Politics in the United States
Instructor: Geoffrey Layman

POLS 13181 2 State Government and Politics
Instructor: Jeffrey Harden

POLS 13181 3 Politics and Literature: J. R. R. Tolkien
Instructor: Mary Keys

POLS 13181 4 Democracy and Religion
Instructor: Andrew Gould

POLS 13181 5 Food Politics
Instructor: Susanne Wengle

POLS 13181 6 What is Friendship?
Instructor: Ruth Abbey

POLS 13181 7 Forgiveness in Politics
Instructor: Daniel Philpott

POLS 13181 8 Ten Images of Hell in the Twentieth Century
Instructor: A. James McAdams

POLS 13181 9 U.S. Foreign Policy
Instructor: Daniel Lindley


Social Science USEM

PSY 13181 1 Controversies in Developmental Psychology
Instructor: Jeanne Day

PSY 13181 2 Adolescence
Instructor: Dawn Gondoli

Romance Languages and Literatures

LLRO 13186 1 On Interpretation: the Art of Caressing Art
Instructor: Louis MacKenzie

LLRO 13186 2 Dangerous Reads: Banned US Latino/a Literature
Instructor: Marisel Moreno

LLRO 13186 3 One Hundred Years of Solitude
Instructor: Joshua Lund

Russian Language and Literature

RU 13186 1 The Devil Made Me Do It: Demons in Russian Literature
Instructor: Thomas Gaiton Marullo

RU 13186 2 Russian Cinema from Perestroika to Putin Country
Instructor: Melissa Miller


Social Science USEM

SOC 13181 1 Sociology in Action
Instructor: David Hachen

SOC 13181 2 Immigration and Citizenship
Instructor: Gilberto Cardenas

SOC 13181 3 Responding to International Crisis
Instructor: Samuel Valenzuela

SOC 13181 4 All Society’s a Stage: Social Stratification, Inequality, and Poverty
Instructor: Megan Andrew

SOC 13181 5 Sociological Imagination
Instructor: Kevin Christiano


Theology USEM

THEO 13183 1 Theology University Seminar
Instructor: Alexis Torrance

THEO 13183 2 Theology University Seminar
Instructor: Ken Oakes

THEO 13183 3 Theology University Seminar
Instructor: Randall Zachman

THEO 13183 4 Theology University Seminar
Instructor: Khaled Anatolios

THEO 13183 5 Foundations of Theology: The Biblical Narrative of the Good News of the Reign of God
Instructor: Neil Arner

THEO 13183 6 Foundations of Theology: the Mystery of Christ
Instructor: Peter Casarella