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Writing and Rhetoric

This page was last updated on June 9, 2015, and is subject to change.

WR 13100: Writing and Rhetoric

Writing and Rhetoric teaches students how the study of rhetoric can help them identify an issue amid conflicting points of view and how it can help them craft an argument based on various sources of information. The course stresses the identification and analysis of potential counterarguments and introduces students to the analysis and production of argument types in various modes and media. Students learn skills for using print and electronic resources from the library and for developing information literacy as a tool to construct well-reasoned and well-supported arguments.

WR 13200: Community-Based Writing and Rhetoric

Community-Based Writing and Rhetoric offers students a unique opportunity to learn skills and strategies for effective research and written argumentation through investigating social justice issues and performing community service. In partnership with the Center for Social Concerns, instructors connect students with local venues where they perform approximately 15 hours of community service over the course of the semester. Community-based learning classes are an excellent way to get involved in the larger community and to get an early start in exploring the many service opportunities available to Notre Dame students. Moreover, students integrate their service experiences with readings, research, writing, and discussion about the meanings of community, citizenship, and social justice in contemporary America.

WR 13300: Multimedia Writing & Rhetoric

Because researching and composing arguments is increasingly linked to technological tools, multimedia sections of Writing and Rhetoric teach students how to make the most of a wide array of resources. From standard tools, such as Microsoft Word, to more powerful Web sites and software, students in multimedia sections use composition technology to its fullest while exploring the unique opportunities and challenges of composing in the 21st Century. While students do not need any prior technological skills, they should be ready to learn many of these skills over the course of the semester. Students will be required to bring a wireless laptop to class and to keep their laptops functioning properly throughout the semester.

WR 12100: Writing and Rhetoric Tutorial

The Writing and Rhetoric Tutorial is a supplemental, elective course which can be taken in conjunction with or subsequent to WR 13100, 13200, or 13300. This course offers individualized instruction and writing process coaching to students who need additional support and guidance as they transition to reading and writing at the college level. The course meets beginning Week 3 and for the duration of the Spring semester. Weekly meetings are scheduled around students’ and instructors’ availability. Registration is by recommendation and instructor-approval only. Interested students can contact their first-year advisers or Prof. Nicole MacLaughlin to seek enrollment or more information about the course.