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University Seminars Fall 2017

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Africana Studies

AFST 13181-1 Education for Peace and Justice
Instructor: Maria McKenna

American Studies

AMST 13184-1 Exploring America’s National Parks
Instructor: Annie G Coleman

AMST 13184-2 Memorial Mania: History, Memory, and Feeling in Contemporary America
Instructor: Erika Doss


ANTH 13181-1 Human Impact on the Environment: Past, Present and Future
Instructor: Donna Glowacki

ANTH 13181-2 Martial Arts and Global Media
Instructor: Eric Haanstad

ANTH 13181-3 Exploring Anthropology: World-making in Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature
Instructor: Meredith Chesson

Art History

ARHI 13182-1 What is an Image?
Instructor: Marius Hauknes


CLAS 13186-1 Metamorphosis in Literature and Art: Ovid and his Echoes
Instructor: W. Martin Bloomer

CLAS 13186-2 The Myth of Troy
Instructor: Elizabeth F. Mazurek


ECON 13181-2 Social Science University Seminar
Instructor: William Leahy

ECON 13181-3 China and the U.S. in a Globalizing World
Instructor: Wyatt Brooks


ENGL 13186-1 Biography/Autobiography: One’s Life Story
Instructor: Fr. Edward Malloy

ENGL 13186-2 Language in America
Instructor: Tim Machan

ENGL 13186-3 Spy Fictions
Instructor: Ian Newman

ENGL 13186-4 The Bible in English Literature
Instructor: Susannah Monta

ENGL 13186-5 On the Road: The History of Quest Literature
Instructor: Gregory Kucich

ENGL 13186-6 Crime and Detection in British and American Fiction
Instructor: Susan Harris

ENGL 13186-7 Knowing the World through the Novel
Instructor: Sara Maurer

ENGL 13186-8 Mystery Fiction
Instructor: Margaret Doody

ENGL 13186-9 The Art of the American Short Story
Instructor: Valerie Sayers

ENGL 13186-10 Introduction to Medieval English Literature
Instructor: Kathryn Kerby-Fulton

ENGL 13186-11 The British Novel
Instructor: David Thomas

ENGL 13186-12 On the Move: Migration in American Literature
Instructor: Francisco Robles

ENGL 13186-13 The Extraordinary Americas: “Magic” and Reality in 20th and 21st-Century Latina/o and Latin-American Literature
Instructor: Sarah Quesada

ENGL 13186-14 The First Black Person
Instructor: TBA

Film, Television, and Theatre

FTT 13182-1 Peter Pan and Cultural Constructions of Childhood
Instructor: Susan Ohmer

FTT 13182-2 History of Chicago Theater
Instructor: Marcus Stephens


GE 13186-1 Greek Drama
Instructor: Vittorio Hösle

GE 13186-1 Greek and Roman Drama
Instructor: Vittorio Hösle


HIST 13184-1 Europe in the Twentieth Century – Approaching History Through Novels, Memoirs, and Film
Instructor: Thomas Kselman

HIST 13184-2 Modern France
Instructor: Katie Jarvis

HIST 13184-3 Modern European Catholicism
Instructor: Sarah Shortall

HIST 13184-4 The Triumph of Technique?
Instructor: Robert E. Sullivan

HIST 13184-5 Where East Meets West: The Silk Road, Western Missionaries, and Opium Wars
Instructor: Liang Cai

HIST 13184-6 American Founders
Instructor: Jake Lundberg

HIST 13184-7 Opportunity Lost
Instructor: Richard Pierce

HIST 13184-8 Gandhi
Instructor: Nikhil Menon

HIST 13184-9 Puritans in Popular Culture
Instructor: Catherine Cangany

HIST 13184-10 Presidents and Presidential Character from FDR to Clinton
Instructor: Bill Miscamble

HIST 13184-11 History of American Gentrification
Instructor: Mike Amezcua

Irish Language and Literature

IRLL 13186-1 Violence and Accommodation in the Literature of Tudor-Stuart Ireland
Instructor: Sarah McKibben

IRLL 13186-2 Violence and Accommodation in the Literature of Tudor-Stuart Ireland
Instructor: Sarah McKibben

East Asian Languages and Literatures

LLEA 13186-1 Japanese Ghost Stories
Instructor: David Humphrey

LLEA 13186-2 Love in Traditional Chinese Literature
Instructor: Liangyan Ge

Romance Languages and Literatures

LLRO 13186-1

LLRO 13186-2 On Interpretation: The Art of Caressing Art
Instructor: Louis MacKenzie

LLRO 13186-3 Imaginary Worlds and Fantastic Travels


MATH 13187-1 Mathematics University Seminar
Instructor: Sonja Mapes Szekelyhidi

Arabic Language and Literature

MELC 13186-1 The Arabian Nights
Instructor: Li Guo


MUS 13182-1 Music and the Reformation
Instructor: Mary Frandsen


PHIL 13185-1 What is the Human Being?
Instructor: Katharina Kraus

PHIL 13185-2

PHIL 13185-3

Program in Liberal Studies

PLS 13186-1 Ancient Greece: literature, philosophy, historiography
Instructor: Francesca Bordogna

PLS 13186-2 Ancient Greece: literature, philosophy, historiography
Instructor: Francesca Bordogna

Political Science

POLS 13181-1 Democracy and Religion
Instructor: Andrew Gould

POLS 13181-2 Identity Politics
Instructor: Michael Hoffman

POLS 13181-5 Law and Justice Among Nations
Instructor: Emilia Powell

POLS 13181-6 U.S. Foreign Policy
Instructor: Daniel Lindley

POLS 13181-7 America and the World
Instructor: Eugene Gholz

POLS 13181-8 Political Theory of Homer’s Iliad
Instructor: Sotirios Barber

POLS 13181-9 The Economics and Politics of Consumption and Happiness
Instructor: Amitava Dutt


PSY 13181-1 Controversies in Developmental Psychology
Instructor: Jeanne Day

PSY 13181-2 The Art of Using Language
Instructor: Kathleen Eberhard

PSY 13181-3 Adolescence
Instructor: Dawn Gondoli

PSY 13181-4 Sustainability Psychology and Practice: Persuasion, Nudges and Ecological Attachment
Instructor: Darcia Narvaez

Russian Language and Literature

RU 13186-1 Star-Crossed Lovers: Sex, Courtship and Marriage in Russian Literature
Instructor: Thomas Marullo


SOC 13181-1 Contemporary Educational Issues
Instructor: Mark Berends

SOC 13181-2 Comparative Moral Systems
Instructor: David Gibson

SOC 13181-3 All Society’s a Stage: Social Stratification, Inequality, and Poverty
Instructor: Megan Andrew

SOC 13181-4 Sustainable Wisdom, Civilization, and the Good Life
Instructor: Eugene Halton

SOC 13181-5 Objects Matter
Instructor: Terence McDonnell

SOC 13181-6 Gender and Sexuality in Families
Instructor: Elizabeth McClintock


THEO 13183-1 Theology University Seminar
Instructor: Gerald McKenny

THEO 13183-2 Foundations of Theology: The Biblical Narrative of the Good News of the Reign of God
Instructor: Neil Arner

THEO 13183-3 Theology University Seminar
Instructor:Khaled Anatolios

THEO 13183-4 Theology University Seminar
Instructor: Francesca Murphy

THEO 13183-5 Foundations of Theology
Instructor: Michael Connors, CSC

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