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Humankind Unplugged

ANTH 10209: Humankind Unplugged

This course explores the rise and possible future evolution of the human species beginning with acknowledging what sets us apart, or makes us unique. Relatively speaking the human primate evolved the largest brain which cannot be explained without considering the functional connections between other co-evolved human attributes such as upright posture itself and what language accomplishes, or why we cannot stop ourselves from ‘talking’ and communicating or ‘becoming one’ with other human beings. The biological basis of culture and the cultural basis of biology will take center stage and we will be challenged to ask: do other species have cultures or is it just a matter of how one defines it? This course will produce a perspective on the origins, behavioral evolution and development of human attributes that gave rise to one of the most versatile species whose success at inhabiting diverse environments, at least within the primate world, is second to none.

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November 09 Majors Night