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Radioactivity and Society

PHYS 10063: Radioactivity and Society

This course will provide a broad overview about one of the most divisive scientific topics in our society. Both the scientific and societal aspects of radioactivity will be considered. This provides an understanding of the physical principles for cause and effects of radioactive decay and radiation. It will also provide a basis to evaluate the cost benefit in the growing use of radioactivity as a tool in industry and technology. To cover the broad range of material, the course will be offered in four topical sections that address the science and scientific effects of radioactivity, as well as the environmental consequences and the societal impact of its growing number of applications:
1. The phenomenon of radioactivity
2. The origin of radioactivity
3. The environmental impact of radioactivity
4. Societal impact of radioactivity

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November 09 Majors Night