University of Notre Dame

Biological Sciences I and II

BIOS 10161 and 10162: Biological Sciences I and II

One of the following chemistry sequences is corequisite: CHEM 10171 and 10172, or 10181 and 10182. BIOS 10161 is a prerequisite for 10162.

This is a two-semester course with three lectures and one three-hour laboratory a week for first-year students contemplating a career in biology, medicine, or related areas of life science. The first semester presents a description of biologically important molecules and then proceeds to cell structure, energy metabolism, and classical and modern genetics. The topics presented in the second semester in the context of modern evolutionary theory include biological diversity, ecology, and organismal physiology. BIOS 10161 and 10162 are not typical survey courses; they go into greater depth, especially in modern molecular biology. When followed by BIOS 20241 and BIOS 20250, they will provide biology and biochemistry majors, including premedical intents, with a thorough in-depth overview of basic concepts of modern biology.

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