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Science Laboratory Classes

High school calculus, biology, chemistry, and physics are highly recommended for all laboratory sciences. If you lack a course in one of these areas, you are strongly encouraged to enroll in a summer course to familiarize yourself with the general concepts

BIOS 10161 and 10162: Biological Sciences I and II

One of the following chemistry sequences is corequisite: CHEM 10171 and 10172, or 10181 and 10182. BIOS 10161 is a prerequisite for 10162.

CHEM 10171 and 10172: Introduction to Chemical Principles and Organic Structure and Reactivity

Corequisite: MATH 10350 or 10550 or 10850.

CHEM 10171 and 10122: Introduction to Chemical Principles and General Chemistry: Biological Processes

Corequisite: MATH 10550 or 10850.

CHEM 10181 and 10182: Introduction to Chemical Principles and Organic Structure and Mechanism

Corequisite: MATH 10550.

Recommended for students wishing to explore a major in chemistry or biochemistry.

PHYS 10310 and 10320: General Physics I and II

Corequisite: MATH 10550 or equivalent.

Students intending to major in engineering usually take 10310 in the spring semester of their first year and 10320 in the fall semester of their sophomore year.

PHYS 10033: Earth Focus

PHYS 10411 and PHYS 10424: General Physics

Corequisite: MATH 10550 or equivalent.

Designed for students intending to enter the Department of Physics.

Topical Science Courses (non-laboratory courses)

BIOS 10105: Disease and Public Health

BIOS 10106: Common Human Diseases

BIOS 10115: Microbes and Man

BIOS 10119: Evolution and Society

CHEM 10101: Foundations of Chemistry

PHYS 10063: Radioactivity and Society

PHYS 10111 and 10122: Principles of Physics I and II

PHYS 10140: Descriptive Astronomy

PHYS 10240: Elementary Cosmology