University of Notre Dame


AS 10101 and 10102: Aerospace Studies—Foundations of the United States Air Force and Leadership Laboratory

Open to all University students. Student incur no service obligation by enrollment in first-year Air Force ROTC courses.

This two-semester one-hour course focuses on the mission and organization of the U.S. Air Force, a brief history of the Air Force, explores the concepts of officership and military professionalism, an introduction to leadership and leadership-related issues, the Air Force Core Values and Air Force Officer opportunities, as well as assessing each student’s written and verbal communication skills. The format is lecture and guided discussion period wherein students are encouraged to interact with one another and the instructor. All textbooks and special reference materials are supplied by the department. Uniforms also are supplied by the department for students wishing to enroll in the formal military training program. Scholarships are available on a competitive basis for qualified students interested in pursuing an Air Force commission.

Call the department for the latest information on express scholarships at 631-6634.

MSL 10101 and 10102: Military Science—Orientation to Military Science and Basic Military Leadership

Designed for first-year Army ROTC students. Students incur no service obligation by enrollment and may enroll at any time before the junior year without prerequisites.

This is a two-semester program of study that examines the role of the U.S. Army in national defense. Major topics in the first semester include mission, organization and doctrine of the Army; career opportunities for Army ROTC graduates; leadership; development; marksmanship; and an introduction to military courtesy, discipline, and traditions. Second-semester topics include study of the functions, duties, and responsibilities of junior leaders; operation of the basic military team; development of leadership potential; first aid (CPR); and small-unit tactics.

This program includes a leadership laboratory designed to develop military skills and general leadership. First-Year students and sophomores are taught by juniors and supervised by seniors under control of the active Army instructors. This weekly period of instruction will include drill and ceremonies, physical fitness, Army equipment, and field training exercises. At all times, leadership development is the central theme.

Students who enroll in Military Science and its Leadership Laboratory are exempt from the University physical education requirement. All reference materials are supplied by the department, and all students may enroll regardless of academic major. Scholarships are available to deserving students enrolled in Military Science.

NSCI 10101 and 10102: Naval Science—Introduction to Naval Science and Maritime Affairs and Leadership Laboratory

Designed for first-year Naval ROTC students. Students incur no service obligation by enrollment in first-year Naval ROTC courses.

This is a two-semester course using the lecture/discussion format. In the first semester, the course is a general introduction to the naval services, with emphasis on mission, organization, regulations, and broad warfare components of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. Included are requirements and regulations of the NROTC program, a survey of the Department of Defense and the other military services, customs and traditions of the Navy, shipboard organization, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and naval careers. The second semester examines the effect of sea power and maritime affairs on U.S., foreign, and military policies. Primarily a course in naval history, the evolution of U.S. naval doctrine from the 19th Century to present is examined.