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A University Seminar in philosophy may also satisfy one of the University requirements in philosophy.

PHIL 10100/10101: Introduction to Philosophy

This course, or its sophomore-level equivalent, PHIL 20101, is a University requirement and a prerequisite for all other philosophy courses.

This first course is a general introduction to philosophy and emphasizes such perennial topics as the existence of God, human freedom, and moral obligation. The course also is intended to sharpen the student’s critical thinking skills.

PHIL 10100: Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 10100: Introduction to Philosophy: God and the Good Life

PHIL 10101: Introduction to Philosophy

There are several sections of PHIL 10101 that have expanded course descriptions:

PHIL 10103: Introduction to Philosophy: Philosophy and Science

PHIL 10104: Introduction to Philosophy: Philosophy and Mathematics

PHIL 10105: Introduction to Philosophy: Ethics and Politics