University of Notre Dame

Latin American Culture through Film

ROSP 20605: Latin American Culture through Film

Prerequisites: ROSP 20202 or ROSP 20215 or ROSP 20237 or ROSP 20211 or ROSP 20220 or CESP score of 440

This content-driven course is intended for students who want to further broaden their knowledge of the Spanish language and related cultures, as well as improve both their understanding of the Hispanic world and their communication and written skills in the Spanish language. The goal of the course is also the development of new, more complex, vocabulary. We will use informative and thought-provoking films to focus on the contemporary history, art and culture of Latin America. Supplementary texts and articles will provide background historical events and analysis to enhance the understanding of the circumstances and themes that each of the films address. Activities that promote effective communication of abstract themes with high-intermediate use of grammatical structures will be emphasized.

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November 09 Majors Night