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Indigenous and Popular Movements in the Andes

ROSP 20661: Indigenous and Popular Movements in the Andes

Prerequisites: ROSP 20202 or ROSP 20237 or ROSP 27500 or ROSP 20810 or ROSP 30310) or CESP score of 440-600

This course will survey indigenous and popular sector’s forms of resistance from late colonial to modern times in the Andes. We will study the views, practice, and expectations expressed in the most significant movements in the region. We will identify the most common issues they struggle about and who their most frequent adversaries are. The literature, film, music and other materials used to examine these themes are produced by the movements themselves as well as those produced by scholars on the region. Indigenous and popular sectors in the Andes tend to be known mostly for living in marginal social conditions, victims of poverty and lack of education. This course will explore the views from below. We will explore the forms in which Indigenous and popular sectors see themselves, their cultures, their rights, and the environment. The indigenous and popular sectors are what make the Andean world unique. This course is taught in Spanish. In the process, students will learn some key expressions in native languages that are central to the social movements in the Andes.

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November 09 Majors Night