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MEAR 10001 and 10002: Intensive First Year Arabic I and II


LLRO 10113: Beginning Catalan


EALC 10002: Elementary Chinese II

EALC 10111 and 10112: First Year Chinese I and II

EALC 10121: Hybrid First Year Chinese I

EALC 20211 and 20212: Second Year Chinese I and II


LLRO 10112: Beginning Creole


ROFR 10101 and 10102: Beginning French I and II

ROFR 10115: Intensive Beginning French

ROFR 20201 and 20202: Intermediate French I and I

ROFR 20300: Conversational French

ROFR 2062: Exploring Diversity in France

ROFR 30310: The Art of Interpretation

ROFR 30320: Advanced Composition: The Art of Writing


GE 10101 and 10102: Beginning German I and I

GE 10311 and 10312: Intensive Beginning German I and II

GE 20201 and 20202: Intermediate German I and II


CLGR 10001: Beginning Greek I

CLGR 10002: Beginning Greek II

CLGR 20003: Intermediate Greek


IRLL/IRST 10101: Beginning Irish I


ROIT 10101 and 10102: Beginning Italian I and II

ROIT 10110: Beginning Italian

ROIT 20201: Intermediate Italian I

ROIT 20202: Intermediate Italian II

ROIT 20215: Intensive Intermediate Italian

ROIT 30310: Passage to Italy


EALJ 10002: Elementary Japanese II

EALJ 10111 and 10112: Intensive First Year Japanese I and II

EALJ 20211 and 20212: Second Year Japanese I and II


EALK 10111 and 10112: First Year Korean I and II

EALK 20211 and 20212: Second Year Korean I and II


CLLA 10001: Beginning Latin I

CLLA 10002: Beginning Latin II

CLLA 20003: Intermediate Latin


ROPO 10103: Brazilian Portuguese Language and Culture I

ROPO 10105 and 10106: Portuguese for Spanish Speakers I and II

ROPO 20201 and 20202: Intermediate Portuguese I and II


RU 10101 and 10102: Beginning Russian I and II

RU 20101: Intermediate Russian I


ROSP 10101 and 10102: Beginning Spanish I and II

ROSP 10110: Beginning Spanish

ROSP 20201 and 20202: Intermediate Spanish I and II

ROSP 20600: Cultural Conversations and Writing

ROSP 30310: Introduction to Hispanic Literature and Cultures

ROSP 30320: Advanced Grammar and Writing