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Introduction to African History

HIST 10051: Introduction to African History

This course introduces the history of the peoples of Africa. It begins with African civilizations in ancient times and runs through the present. It concentrates on people and civilizations indigenous to Africa. The origins of Islam, the Atlantic slave trade, and European explorers and missionaries receive attention mainly in their African aspects. The emphasis on Africa in this course provides a valuable alternative perspective on these, and other, seemingly familiar events. We will also explore the reshaping of Africa’s political economy during the colonial period and after independence. The course ought to prove full of surprises: you will be privy to the newest and best historical findings about African history, its peoples and languages, as well as to unresolved areas and debates among historians. You will leave the course knowing much more about Africa’s history than newspapers or television. This knowledge will be valuable to understand modern Africa and the world where we live.

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November 09 Majors Night