University of Notre Dame

Global Arts and Identity

FYS 10700: Global Arts and Identity

This interdisciplinary course is designed to introduce students to the arts as a sophisticated means of communicating various understandings of identity. The arts are particularly adept at presenting nuanced and multi-layered explorations of complex realities, and identity, both self-created and imposed from without, is a major concern of artistic disciplines from across the globe and across disciplines. Students will have an opportunity to experience the richness of those insights from a vantage point of academic preparation, direct personal observation and experience, and the insights of those who work in the arts. We will begin with a brief look at Notre Dame’s identity and art and then move into discussions that will include Polynesian dance and tattoo; Native American film and sculpture; African sculpture and photography; American jazz and film; Asian landscape painting and prints; the European-based sculpture of Mestrovic; and a variety of Mesoamerican and Latino/a arts. As much as possible, the University’s art resources will be used and venues will include permanent and special exhibits at the Snite Museum of Art, performances at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, and much else. Students will complete the course with an appreciation for the brilliant and complicated ways in which identity is reflected in art from across the globe and across disciplines. This course fulfills a fine arts requirement.

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November 09 Majors Night