University of Notre Dame

Fine Arts

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Africana Studies

AFST 20476: Seeing, Hearing, and Experiencing the Africana World

Art History

ARHI 20540: Rome: The Eternal City

ARHI 20560: Gateway to Global Art History

FYS 10700: Global Arts and Identity

Art Studio

ARST 10100: 2-D Foundations

ARST 10201: Drawing I

ARST 10601: 3-D Foundations-Basic Sculpture Open only to intended majors.

ARST 20101: Ceramics I Open only to intended majors.

ARST 20301: Painting I Open only to intended majors.

ARST 20303: Watercolor I

ARST 20401: Photography I Open to a limited number of students.

ARST 20501: Silkscreen I

ARST 20505: Artists’ Books and Papermaking

ARST 20506: Relief Printing: Studio Class

ARST 20603: Metal Foundry


DESN 20203: Design Matters: Intro to Design Thinking

DESN 21200: ID: Drawing for Design Open only to intended majors.


ENGL 20000: Introduction to Creative Writing

ENGL 20002: Introduction to Poetry Writing

ENGL 20024: Creative Writing and Multiculturalism

Film, Television, and Theatre

FTT 10101: Basics of Film and Television Serves as a prerequisite to all upper-level film and television courses.

FTT 10701: Introduction to Theatre

FTT 21001: Acting: Process


MUS 10131: Introduction to Jazz

MUS 10150: Music of the Catholic Rite

MUS 20001: Theory I