Academic Code of Honor

Maintain your academic integrity.

The University of Notre Dame is a scholarly community in which faculty and students share knowledge, ideas, and creative works. Notre Dame’s Academic Code of Honor expresses our common commitment and moral responsibility to accurately represent the contributions of every individual.

The Student Guide to the Academic Code of Honor describes the standards of personal academic conduct that all Notre Dame students pledge to follow. The guide also outlines the set of procedures by which violations of the Honor Code are reported and adjudicated. The consequence of an Honor Code violation is serious. At a minimum, a student found responsible for an Honor Code violation usually fails the assignment in question. A more serious offense may result in failure of an entire course. A student is normally suspended or dismissed if found responsible for more than one violation of Notre Dame’s Academic Code of Honor.

Student Responsibilities

As a member of the Notre Dame academic community, you must:

  • know and uphold Notre Dame’s Academic Code of Honor.
  • complete the Honor Code Orientation, an interactive online tutorial, and pass the Honor Code Quiz. A passing score is six (6).  If you do not receive a passing score on the Honor Code Quiz, you can retake the online exam after a 24-hour waiting period.
  • electronically sign the Honor Code Pledge after passing the quiz. You will lose your course registration if you do not electronically sign the Honor Code Pledge.

All first-year students are required to complete the Honor Code requirement by June 30.